Support for other organisations

Implemental (previously known as Maudsley International) is often asked to support the activities of another organisation by giving time voluntarily, or to endorse a campaign. We are happy to investigate the possibility of giving support by contributing our skills, free of charge, to initiatives that benefit people’s mental health. However, we are a small organisation with limited resources and may not always have the capacity to offer more than an endorsement. We use the following criteria to decide which organisations to support.

1. We support organisations and campaigns that share and further our aims and values.

2. We support organisations and campaigns that are part of the global mental health movement, and also organisations that simply aim to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

3. Our decision will be informed by our capacity, and by our planned workload, at any particular time.

Please note, we are not a grant-giving organisation and invest any surplus we make in subsidised work or free resources.

Organisations we already support/have supported

Implemental, when operating as Maudsley International, hosted a fund-raising presentation for Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry (, ‘an international federation of not-for-profit organisations that promote humane, ethical and effective mental health care throughout the world.’

We offer administrative support to, and manage the finances of, FundaMentalSDG ( This organisation campaigned to ensure mental health was included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Global Goals agreed by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. The Goals aim to end poverty and inequality, and to protect the planet, and to achieve this, countries have agreed to work towards meeting a number of targets by 2030. FundaMentalSDG continues to campaign to ensure targets about improving people’s mental health are attained.

We have endorsed two World Psychiatric Association ( initiatives that call for action to improve treatment for, and the rights of, people with mental health problems around the world: the WPA Position Statement on social justice for persons with mental illness (mental disability) (September 2015) and the WPA Bill of Rights for persons with mental illness (September 2016). These endorsements were made when we were operating as Maudsley International.

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