We work with central and local governments, public and private sector provider organisations, and employers.

We forge long-term relationships with some clients, and complete discrete, one-off projects for others.

In recent years, we have:

• helped governments launch programmes that promote good mental health and wellbeing;

• organised a series of ‘Observe and Learn’ Specialised Service Placements for a provider of hospital services;

• carried out a retrospective evaluation of a government programme that modernised mental health services (including the closure of institutions and the development of community-based services);

• worked with a government to support the implementation of a five-year National Mental Health Strategy. This includes the development of mental health programmes in schools; the development of anti-stigma campaigns; mental health awareness training for a range of health professionals; and the development of a research agenda;

• helped a regional health authority agree performance measures for mental health to enable outcomes from different service providers to be compared and monitored;

• supported the development of a specialist addiction service, including bespoke workforce development;

• reviewed crisis care services within a specific location for commissioners;

• provided programme management for a quality improvement programme that seeks to improve community and hospital-based health services;

• evaluated the development of country-wide community mental health services.

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