Capacity building and professional development

We can help you design and deliver a capacity building programme tailored to the specific needs of your workforce.

Bespoke capacity building might include:

• 'Learn and Observe' Specialised Service Placements
• Mental Health Awareness Workshops
• Best Practice Masterclasses

'Learn and Observe' Specialised Service Placements

'Learn and Observe' Specialised Service Placements are for small groups of experienced staff who want to increase their knowledge of managing and organising a specialist mental health service.

The group activity takes place in London for a two to four week period: participants spend one week in the classroom with leading experts in the field, and then observe specialist teams at work.

This activity is particularly suitable for groups of four to six professionals who are developing, or planning to develop, a new service, and already have resources allocated to do so.

For the learning part of the placement, we organise a range of speakers – clinicians and managers who are delivering specialist services – to share their knowledge and experience.

For the observational part, each group member is allocated a mentor who helps make sure they are given insight into all aspects of a service, including team meetings. With service users’ permission, members of the group observe consultations.

The placement content varies according to the requirements of the group.

Please note, in addition to the cost of the placement, group members also need to fund their living expenses and travel costs.

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

Implemental Mental Health Awareness Workshops give up to 25 participants a better understanding of mental health; information about common mental health problems like depression and anxiety, and serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; and discuss how best to support people and make sure they get any help they need.

The interactive workshops are suitable for health professionals, primary care workers, NGO staff, human resource managers – or simply team members and work colleagues in any organisation or company within the public and private sectors. The workshops can be arranged as part of a capacity building programme, or can be organised independently.

Our workshop facilitators are expert clinicians who work in NHS services, and they use a combination of video, role play, discussion and group work.

We can arrange a one-off workshop, or a series of workshops, tailored to the needs of the participants and the system, organisation or company in which they work.

We ask clients to give us information about the role of participants and their workplace policies and procedures – to make each workshop/series of workshops completely bespoke.

At the end of each workshop/series of workshop, we make recommendations about improvements that could be made to existing systems, and any future training needs that we identify.

Best Practice Masterclasses

At an Implemental Best Practice Masterclass, a panel of experts is invited to present the evidence about the chosen topic, and contribute their perspective to a discussion with participants. The discussion often focuses on the realities of putting the evidence into practice.

We can organise either a series of Masterclasses, or a standalone Masterclass, for up to 30 participants. They can be held in our client’s home country, or in London.

Our staff and associates have expertise and experience in many diverse areas, and we construct each Masterclass, or Masterclass series, to make sure our client’s aims and objectives are met. We also tailor the Masterclasses to the participants’ experience, knowledge and skills.

Examples of Best Practice Masterclasses we have organised include:
• psychological competencies for addiction services;
• mental health training for nurses with no previous experience in this field;
• continuing professional development for experienced senior psychiatrists.

Best Practice Masterclasses may be arranged as part of a bespoke capacity building programme or can be organised independently.


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