Implemental helps a wide variety of organisations – governments, health service providers and employers – to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

"IMPLEMENTAL helped us in designing bespoke evaluation tools and identifying key personalised outcomes. Their support in the evaluation gave us a clear picture of our progress - and this has informed future transformation going forward."

Susan Field Programme Director Provider Alliance Group (PAG) / Integrated Personalised Support Alliance (IPSA) NHS Lambeth CCG


development and evaluation

"Working with Implemental means that you know things get done in the best possible and state of the art way. I could not wish for a better partner!"

Robert van Voren, Chief Executive, Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry (FGIP)

Our starting point is what you want to achieve and understanding your strategy and needs. In the first instance, we will help you review and reflect before making plans and taking action. We then create a team of experts who have the requisite skills to help you plan and effect change. We work collaboratively with our clients, and involve you in every step.

Our recommendations are informed by best practice from around the world, by the amount of financial resources that are available, and by the needs and perspectives of your citizens, service users, patients or employees. Our strength is in working closely with you and in brining together the various perspectives of practitioners, managers and policymakers in the projects that we deliver.

We use various tools and techniques to help us ask the right questions and gather all the relevant information, some of which we have developed ourselves. Our own tools are based on Better Mental Health Care (2008), a step-by-step guide to developing modern mental health services by Sir Graham Thornicroft and Michele Tansella (Sir Graham Thornicroft chairs the Implemental Board).

Capacity building

and professional development

"I have always found the [Implemental] Team and their associates to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible. They [Implemental] have produced high quality reports and information to support the work of the National Mental Health Program and helped it achieve some of its key objectives in improving mental health and wellbeing for its population groups."

Susan Clelland Executive Director, National Mental Health Program Qatar Ministry of Public Health

We can help you design and deliver a capacity building programmes tailored to the specific needs of your workforce which might include training workshops, best practice masterclasses and professional development programmes. Since 2010, in collaboration with the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), Implemental has coordinated a wide range of ‘Learn and Observe’ programmes for mental health professionals from Hong Kong.  Implemental has also delivered large scale capacity building and professional development programmes in Qatar helping the Ministry of Public Health to deliver their Mental Health Strategy.  Since 2018 Implemental has been supporting the mental health reforms in Ukraine through the delivery of capacity building activates.

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mental wellbeing

"Implemental is dedicated to delivering high quality advice in close collaboration with the people on the ground"

Heiko Königstein Project Leader Mental Health for All in Ukraine GFA Consulting Group GmbH

Mental wellbeing is affected by the policies and practices of governments and employers, and by the environments in which we live and work.  Implemental can help governments, community-based organisations and employers take action to improve the mental wellbeing of citizens, service users and employees. We can share with you our knowledge of international evidence, and our experience of putting the evidence into practice.

We have several tools that we use to help promote mental wellbeing. For example the Mental Wellbeing Impact Assessment (MWIA) is a process that helps you gauge the likely impact, both positive and negative, of a new policy, a proposed development or project on people’s mental wellbeing.

In addition, we use The Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) which is an easy-to-use technique that prompts individuals, communities and companies to engage in, and create, activities that nurture mental wellbeing.  Implemental can train you to use the Wheel of Wellbeing and its associated activities, and help you understand why boosting wellbeing can help improve people’s mental health, physical health, resilience and productivity.