WoW Newsletter: October 2022

WoW Newsletter: September 2022

Welcome to the Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) – a simple framework designed to improve people’s health, happiness and wellbeing by focusing on six areas – Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Place and Planet.  This monthly  newsletter provides a roundup of the latest wellbeing tips, activities, research and resources to inspire better health and wellbeing. Tap into them — for yourself, your families, workplaces, schools and communities — and help create a happier world for us all.


This month we focus on the role of older people in our communities, the importance of sustainability for promoting equitable habitats and ensuring global access to food. As well as the importance of taking care of our mental health.

WoW Days of the Month

Why not use these inspiring international days to create a focal point for wellbeing activities in your school, workplace or community? 


 1st October – International Day of Older Persons

Photo by Matt Bennett on Unsplash

Did you know that our population of older individuals is growing as individuals are living longer? By the year 2050 the world’s population of people aged over 60 years will have doubled. The theme for this year’s International Day of Older Persons is: Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World, with a particular focus on older women as they make up a majority of the elder population globally. There are many ways to celebrate the older people in your community, for example volunteering for a local organisation which supports the inclusion of the older populations. You can also use social media to share the hash tag #OlderPeoplesDay to promote awareness. For those already caring or wanting to provide support for older people in their lives, check out AgeUK who provide helpful resources and checklists for this. “While older women continue to meaningfully contribute to their political, civil, economic, social and cultural lives; their contributions and experiences remain largely invisible and disregarded, limited by gendered disadvantages accumulated throughout the life course.” UN.

 3rd October – World Habitat Day

Illustration from UNHabitat.

This year’s theme for World Habitat Day is: Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind. The focus is on the impact which the “Three C’s: COVID, Climate and Conflict” have had on human settlements globally. To get involved access the free webinar hosted by the UN-Habitat. The initiative is also supported by World Cities Day which is celebrated on the 31st of October, with this years theme being: Act Local to Go Global. The project aims to create greener and more sustainable cities by empowering partners and stakeholders to share their experiences and approaches to local action. The chosen city this year will be Shanghai in China!

 4th-10th October – World Space Week


Illustration from World Space Week

The 2022 theme for World Space Week is: Space and Sustainability. This years theme supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN. The focus is on achieving sustainability in and from space, as well as celebrating the value which space science and technology contribute to the human condition. Want to get your community involved? The World Space Week initiative has shared resources and guidance to deliver your own event and get other inspired by space.

 World Mental Health Day 10th October

Illustration from Mental Health Foundation.

This year’s theme is: Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority. Want to contribute but are unsure how to start conversations with someone around mental health? Mental Health UK have shared a helpful guide to give individuals confidence to care for those around them. Ahead of this date, a number of associations such as MIND have shared resources for help-seeking, campaigning and getting involved to raise awareness. Other associations such as Rethink Mental Illness have also shared resources for joining support groups run by volunteers as well as channels to share personal experiences.

 World Food Day 16th October

Image from Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations.

This year’s theme for World Food Day is: Leave NO ONE Behind. Why get involved for World Food Day? With an ongoing pandemic, conflict, global warming and economic instability, global food security affects everyone. The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations are hosting a free webinar which will focus on the four betters’ approaches: better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life. There are many ways to educate yourself and inspire your classroom or community on the value of food by learning about coffee production, the value of hill farming and the role of roots, check out the activities and resources shared by Futurum.“We need to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food. No one should be left behind” UN.

  Watch and Listen:

 Listen to these podcasts on space shared by the founders of World Space Week.

 Have a read of these interesting infographics on the health advances brought on by space research which affect physical and mental health.

Great Articles & Websites:

 Power Hour 

Want to make mental health a priority on World Mental Health day in your workplace or school? Take part in a Power Hour and take the time to reflect on what can be done to support your peers.

 Mental Health Toolkit
Want to share more resources with your class? The Anna Freud National Foundation For Children And Families have put together a helpful toolkit which includes support for delivering workshops on difficult feelings, emotional health and building resilience.

 Astronaut Training
Want to get yourself and young children involved in space whilst exercising? The UK Space Agency has a number of activities to take part globally in such as Astronaut Training and Walk to The Moon

Need help?

Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

Concerned about the health and safety of yourself, family or friends?

  • If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus you should call (not visit) your GP or ring the national 24-hour Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.  You can get the latest updates here: government advice on Coronavirus 
  • If you are experiencing a mental health crisis: Lifeline Australia or phone 13 11 14 
  • visit Beyond Blue to access their Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Financial difficulties?

  • Click here for information on the government’s latest coronavirus financial support.


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